Conditions of Entry


Adelaide Venue Management (AVM) Conditions of Entry
AVM manages and operates the AEC. The AVM Conditions of Entry apply to the AEC, and are to be read in conjunction with the AEC Conditions of Entry below.

Further, venue hirers, ticketing agents and governing bodies may have other specific conditions of entry, and these shall also apply to AVM’s venues during applicable events. The AEC Conditions of Entry are to be read in conjunction with these.

AVM’s venues are places of mass gathering whereby the transmission of viral illnesses (e.g. COVID-19) and other diseases that may have serious impacts on personal health, including death, is of elevated risk. Any person attending an AVM venue accepts that risk, and also accepts that risk on behalf of any accompanying minor/s.

Adelaide Entertainment Centre (AEC) Conditions of Entry
All patrons purchasing tickets or attending events strictly do so at their own risk and are therefore required to assess their own risk prior to entry. The AEC is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons. Patrons may be required to show valid identification on entry and at any other time. Patrons bringing personal items into the AEC do so at their own risk.

Patrons are required to adhere to the directions issued pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 2004 (SA) which includes any COVID Management Plan, COVID Safe Plan or other requirement of a direction issued under that Act.

All patrons are recommended to arrive early. Allow an additional 15-20 minutes as enhanced security measures may be in place which may delay entry.

The following are causes for refusal of entry, eviction and/or bans:

  • Bags and backpacks larger than A3 (approx. 40cm x 30cm) are strictly prohibited – There are no storage facilities on site and we will not cloak these items. Medical items / bags will be permitted subject to inspection
  • Possession of any unauthorised banners or signs
  • Possession of bottles, cans, squirts bottles, hip flasks or other containers not permitted (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • Possession of fireworks, laser pointers, glow sticks, knives (with or without sheath), horns, air horns, whistles, Vuvuzela, other irregular sound devices, bars, sticks, clubs, sling shots, skateboards, roller skates, glasses, plates etc, live animals (except seeing eye or hearing dogs) or any object which is a weapon or could be used as a weapon, or an item that obstructs the vision of adjacent patrons
  • Failure to wear shoes, sandals or other protective foot covering. Failure to wear appropriate clothing (e.g., no shirt)
  • No wearing of colours or insignia signifying association with outlaw motorcycle group is permitted.
  • Refusing to move from an area or seat that the patron does not have access or tickets permitting access
  • Throwing objects, spitting or dropping liquid / ice
  • Public drunkenness or under the influence of prohibited substances
  • Possession of prohibited substances
  • Possession of stolen / fraudulent / cancelled tickets
  • Possession of professional cameras or recording equipment
  • Fighting or threatening to fight
  • Moshing or crowd surfing or other similar activities
  • Bringing into the venue professional video / audio recording devices and cameras
  • Smoking, including use of E-cigarettes, vaping and similar devices, in non-designated areas or within 15 metres of any venue entry point
  • Supply of alcohol to a minor
  • Interfering with emergency equipment
  • Any venue damage or graffiti
  • Minors under the age of 12 not accompanied by a parent / carer at the event

All persons entering AEC are advised that they are entering a licensed premises. Visitors must comply with AEC’s Liquor Licence, including the requirement that any ‘minors’ under the age of 18 must strictly vacate AEC by 2am. Between 12midnight and 2am minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The AEC reserves the right to change the AEC Conditions of Entry at any time.

Chief Executive Officer                                                                      15/09/2022
Adelaide Venue Management